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No Research Fund Year
1 Design and realization of nano satellite “IINUSAT” 600.000.000 2011
2 Characterization and development of Sensor AHRS as justification of its application on project of UAV, Rocket, dan Nan o Satelite in Defence Technology Research Center PENS 75.000.000 2012
3 High Rate Attitute Data Monitoring and Surveillance Payload using AX.25 Protocol Communication for Packet Data Transmission 8.600.000 2013
4 Application of An Active Force Control for Automatic Turret Gun in ground combat vehicle 8.600.000 2014
5 Effectiveness of Educational Environment of Intelligent Control Lecture and Adaptive Control Lecture based on Challenge Based Learning 22.500.000 2015
6 Design and realization of Ubiquitous Robotics for victim searching in Earth and Tsunami 100.000.000 2016
7 Design and realization of Ubiquitous Robotics for victim searching in Earth and Tsunami 195.000.000 2017
8 Detas: Deep Tracking And Servoing Untuk Sistem Targeting Turet Gun Otomatis 16.500.000 2017
9 Controller Design and Dynamics Analysis of a Search-and-Rescue Cable Driven Parallel Robot 190.000.000 2018
No Publications Conference
1 Anti-Sway Control for Haptic Crane for Application of Material Handling by Using Active Force Control (AFC). DS Purnomo, ES Ningrum, AH Alasiry, MN Tamara. APTECS - 2010
2 Control simulation of an Automatic Turret Gun based on force control method. Nasyir, T.M.; Pramujati, B.; Nurhadi, H.; Pitowarno, E. Intelligent Autonomous Agents, Networks and Systems (INAGENTSYS), 2014 IEEE International Conference on. 2014. Pages: 13 - 18, DOI: 10.1109/INAGENTSYS.2014.7005718. IEEE Conference. INTAGENSYS - 2014, Bandung
3 Design and realization of An Automatic Turret Gun (Study Comporison of A Various Control Scheme for An Automatic Turret Gun). Nasyir, T.M.; ; Nurhadi, H.; Pramujati, B.; Pitowarno, E. IES,2014. Pages: D-7. ISBN: 978-602-0917-14-6. IES - 2014, Surabaya
4 Gun Turret Automatic Weapon Control System Design and Realization. Son Kuswadi; Muhammad Nasyir Tamara; Dwi Nugroho H. W., Pages: 30 - 34. IEEE Conference. ISESD - 2016, Bandung
5 Multi-locomotion robot function analysis based on adaptive morphology methodology. Son Kuswadi; Nasyir Tamara; Dzikri Sahanas; Mohammad Nuh. Pages: 270 - 275. IEEE Conference. IES -ETA (2017), Surabaya
6 Disaster swarm robot development: On going project. Son Kuswadi; S. Indra Adji; Riyanto Sigit; M. Nasyir Tamara; Mohammad Nuh. Pages: 45 - 50. IEEE Conference. ICELTICs (2017), Bandung
7 Deep multilayer network for automatic targeting system of gun turret. Muhamad Khoirul Anwar; Anhar Risnumawan; Adytia Darmawan; Mohamad Nasyir Tamara; Didik Setyo Purnomo. Pages: 134 - 139. IEEE Conference. IES-ETA(2017), Surabaya
8 Aksara jawa text detection in scene images using convolutional neural network. Muhammad Labiyb Afakh; Anhar Risnumawan; Martianda Erste Anggraeni; Mohamad Nasyir Tamara; Endah Suryawati Ningrum. Pages: 77 - 82. IEEE Conference. IES-KCIC(2017), Surabaya

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